Who Blinked? Not the Georgetown Cupcake Sisters


If you look closely you can see the fire truck behind Sophie. With a blink of an eye, did I miss the joy on a little girl’s face as the Georgetown Cupcakes sisters generously handed out free treats during a fire drill for our photoshoot at USA Weekend? Katherine and Sophie certainly have the drive, energy and forethought to make the best of any bad situation no matter the widespread electricity outages, the scorching heat of the day and the unlikely evacuation of a building during a light hearted romp through icing and cupcakes for their upcoming story. Their commitment to the customer is so ingrained that while others where gathering their belongings and some water to wait out the fire drill, they were calmy collecting the large signature pink boxes filled with sugary sweet confections in anticipation of spreading some happiness to fellow evacuees. The sisters are reaching many more cupcake customers in New York, Boston and LA. Coming off a recent outing at Coney Island, look for them to be personally serving up their signature Georgetown Cupcakes smiles and sweets on a coast near you.


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