Fabulous 50’s Makeup Lesson


Here is an excerpt from a makeup lesson with a fabulous, over 50 client at Suze Makeup Studio. We went for a personal shop at Sephora and came back to the studio to learn placement of color with appropriate products.


1. For the face, blend out the BB foundation with a stiff brush or fingertips. Follow with your mineral veil or powder.

2. For deepset eyes, shade the bottom lid above the upper lashes in a medium brown, use a light shade under the brow bone, choose a neutral skintone shade on the bone and to blend all the shadows. Line along the upper lashes with black eyeshadow with an angle brush over your violet gel liner. Keep close to the lashes. For the brow, use the pencil or the Anastasia brow pen in light with upward, soft, feather-like strokes working from the top of the brow line.

3. For faux lashes, use tweezers to grab the short lashes and dip the tip in the Duo glue. Align with lash line starting at the outermost point working your way to the middle. 5 lashes should be enough. Let them dry and cover glue spots with dark gel or powder to smooth out the look. To remove the lashes, dissolve the glue with makeup remover and warm water. Massage gently and remove each lash.

4. For blush, channel your inner Wonder Woman through product placement recommended straight from Lynda Carter. Using your flush tone, dab onto the apple of the cheek and then blend outward and upward with a bronzer or natural looking blush. For highlighter, place a slightly irradescent light tone along the cheekbones above the blush sweeping up and out toward the temples.

5. For lips, use your favorite color, like Clinique’s uniquely, perpetually available and universally flattering Raspberry Glacee.


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