All Things Jane Seymour



If Jane Seymour entered the Olympics, she’d win the all around event. Here is a woman, who can do everything and still be grounded. Entertain in the movies and television? Check. Check. Paint beautiful works of art? Check. Raise a family? Check. Support the Alzheimer’s Association? Check. Do business in designing jewelry, furniture, and lifestyle? Check, check,check. Just thinking of her exhausting schedule that takes her around the country and the world as she swoops graciously into town, makes me take a mental note to find out how she manages. No surprise that she smiles and happily demonstrates how to make and apply your own hair weave just minutes before she has to be ready to go on to give a speech. Who says women over a certain age shouldn’t have long hair? As she notes, most men love flowing locks.

Then I began to wonder, how could I style an experienced celebrity like Jane? What could I offer that is new to her beauty routine? She is absolutely gorgeous in person and readily offers tips and tricks. Have you seen Hanes sheer stockings that fit the toe like a thong to wear with open toe shoes? See Jane. Not one to wear stockings unless they are black opaque, nevertheless, interesting to know they are out there.

Turns out that Smashbox Photo Finish Primer was indeed a unique item she hadn’t tried before and we used it that day and in the photo above. Just wish I knew she had been on Season 5 before I said admirably, “You should be on Dancing with the Stars!” Guess Tony didn’t bring home a winner. See no one is perfect, but it doesn’t hurt to carry yourself as well as Jane Seymour. DWTS should bring her back with Derrick this time.


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