Sister’s Day Tribute


These sisters’ positive energy alone makes this a fun cover shot by David Yellen for USA Weekend (makeup by Susan Heydt/ hair by Patti Nelson both at T.H.E Artist Agency).


With all the Olympic coverage in the media and so little coverage on the athletes, it’s nice to see the sisters offering up guilt free tasty treats from Georgetown Cupcakes. Especially, in comparison to some other cupcake store owners, who bark out “Have you been here before?” as if you are trespassing and yet are lucky enough to have the leftovers from this morning.

Can’t wait to pick up my copy of USA Weekend to be motivated by Sophia and Katherine, who realize that if their customer isn’t happy then they aren’t happy!


So you can probably imagine that after we were encouraged to throw cupcakes at the sisters, we were secretly hoping that the shoot was in fact finished. Starting over with makeup and hair would have been a tedious compared to the fun of slinging their perfectly prepared desserts at them. They graciously gave the crew boxes of the cupcakes that weren’t hurled to take home. Did you know you can freeze the cupcakes to enjoy at a later date? The vanilla with cocunut icing is yummy slightly thawed. However, the most unique cupcake that day on set was one that smelled just like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.


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