Three Musicians and an Astronaut: Black Keys & The Pretenders Share the Spotlight with Resnick


In the documentary, the high school cafeteria walls, with the slivered blocks of colored windows look all too familiar to alumni. Our rivals might expect that the Alumni Hall of Fame photos has the late Astronaut from Spaceship Challenger, Judy Resnick, featured prominently in the center. However, the thrill of another Rock Star,the first being Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders,

“The farms of Ohio had been replaced by shopping malls…
from Seneca to Cuyahoga Falls”

being from Akron Firestone High School was a surprise. So when the repeat of the CBS Sunday Morning program showcasing the Grammy winning guys from the Black Keys came on, the rush of cheering for FHS sprang back immediately. Some may know the Black Keys are from Akron, home of LeBron James, but did you know the high school they called their own? Cue the music, Jon, ” Who says you can’t go home?”

Click the link below to see more from the band, who seem to be living up to the Midwestern cliche of down-to-earth and self proclaimed “real people”. As Ms Hynde might say, “All the way to go Ohio”.

Go Falcons!


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