Democrats Versus Republicans: Who Gets More Makeup?

All photos/Makeup Susan Heydt

Money Magazine covered a story for the May 2010 issue featuring Senator Paul Ryan. His Democratic counter part was also interviewed. Ryan is one of the rare Republicans, who has sat in my chair for makeup and grooming. Other clients include John McCain, Jon Huntsman, Colin Powell, and Mary Matalin. 


One Republican brought the family on set for a photoshoot. The group overseeing the photographer and crew was a unique situation. Yet, when it comes to getting makeup for Democrats, who include President Obama, VP Biden, Secretary of State Clinton, Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the list goes on and on and includes John Edwards and his hair, who have required touch ups.

For the past eight years in DC, why are more Democrats getting makeup than Republicans?


The answer doesn’t seem to have to do with who’s in office because there has been both a Democrat and Republican. An explanation seemingly has nothing to do with demeanor. Some say that surprisingly Republicans are nicer on set for a photo shoot than Democrats. Looks don’t have anything to do with it. Also overheard in the hallowed hallways of the beltway is that Democrats don’t dress as well as Republicans. Therefore, the perceived and actual demand from the media for Democratic content with supporting photos must drive the need for makeup. Maybe the historical debate between Kennedy and Nixon, in which viewers thought Kennedy had won and listeners felt Nixon did laid the foundation for Democrats or their campaign committee to concentrate on appearance.


Image drives who we think looks the Presidential part. Now more than ever social media, like Twitter, is playing a profound part in the election. Statitics on which side is garnering more social media followers and presumably more voters are in the two articles linked below.

We know that followers can be bought, however, technically votes cannot. Both sides need to present themselves in the best possible light. Whoever wins the Presidential election in November, they will need makeup and grooming for all the photo sessions.


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