The New Yorker & Platon

This week’s assignment is for The New Yorker. The highlight is a reunion with world famous photographer Platon. The beauty of his style of photography is in his caring way of developing a relationship with his subjects. Platon wants to make a connection with people. He wants to know their hopes and fears. Trust must be built quickly, to ensure a great shot, in the same way an artist working on the face must encourage collaboration to get the best result.

Last time around when he was shooting for an article about Bernancke, I wanted to get Platon’s autograph in his book “Platon’s Republic” featuring actors and politicial leaders he’d photographed.


Unfortunately, I forgot the book. This time, however, his new book, “Power Platon”, which documents world leaders he’s been assigned to photograph will be in my bag. In an interview with Charlie Rose, he mentions that now is the time to go beyond taking pictures of famous people and to make a small difference in the world. Platon has already done that with the people he’s influenced on his way to being the Richard Avedon of our day. I owe him a debt of gratitude for shaping my career as a Celebrity Makeup Artist for works I did with him including the jump start cover of Esquire, TIME, and Latina. Thank you Platon!

If you want to see the highest level of photography, go to his site.

To understand the genius of his style and the modest approach he takes to capture an image you should see his interview with Charlie Rose.

We all might take a moment to appreciate one another by trying to discover another’s hopes and fears.


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