Baltimore Orioles’ Adam Jones is a Modern Athlete with Integrity


Photo for Venom energy drink  campaign by Gary Arruda/Grooming by Susan Heydt

A previous blog post worth reviewing in celebration of the Orioles reaching the post season 2012 playoffs. Go O’s!

Adam Jones‘s mother raised a fine son. While trying to grimace and act mean for the upcoming Venom Energy Drink campaign, the good natured ballplayer laughed in between shots. His big smile was hard to replace with a snarl and growl. He really is a calm guy, who does not want to be in-your- face like some of the football players, who reportedly where able to easily pull-off the attitude for the campaign.

He visited and chatted with some local fans, who came on the set. Without hoopla or an entourage, Mr. Jones got down to business and respectfully followed the instructions of the photographer, Gary Arruba. At 6′ 2″ tall and fit as a fiddle, he had a toned body that he respects. He will probably sell a lot of energy drinks.

More sports teams should want a guy like Jones on their team. He is an example of good  behavior and he can play too. He had the #2 play of the day on ESPN the day before he was injured by an outfield wall that got in the way of him robbing another homerun from the Boston Redsox.

To view a YouTube video of some Adam Jones highlights go to…

Congratulations to Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles center fielder, for making it to the All Star Game July 14, 2009 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Congratulations to Adam on the Gold Glove award in the American League for 2009!!




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