Effie Trinket Deer and Butterfly Lashes

Effie Trinket

Doing makeup to create Hunger Games Effie Trinket wasn’t complete without the Paperchase “Deer and Butterfly” lashes. With the wig on, there was a fine line between  feeling like a clown and the Capital character. Yet, the lashes made the look.

Handing out Halloween candy, dressed as the fashion victim that Effie is, to adorable kids in costumes like lions, pirate babies, superheroes and surprisingly a can of Pringles, was a welcome relief. Trick-or-Treaters filed past Suze Makeup Studio on Main Street in opposition to Hurricane Sandy’s apocalyptic reality that hit the Northeast just a day ago. She couldn’t foil the fun of the Halloween tradition.

Teens and their moms got it right away that I was Effie. Some recited her famous line, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”
The squeals of joy and compliments that  they loved the costume made me think that Elizabeth Banks must have a blast playing her character in the movie.

Not everyone, however, is familiar with the blockbuster hit or the reaping. A 4 yr-old mini Merida from Brave mistakingly took me as Dorothy, when she gazed at my red suede pumps. Walking away she shook her head and said begrudgingly,

“No. Oh no. Dorothy doesn’t wear those red shoes!”

A little disheartening too was that an older hippy guy thought I was Cruella-de-Vil! Next time, red should not be any part of the costume. In fact, moviegoers know that Effie favors magenta, bright yellow, and irradescent blue.

Happy Halloween to everyone and special thanks to Birchbox for their video on how to do Effie’s makeup. Katniss you were my inspiration!



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