Skyfall’s Bond: Daniel Craig


Makeup by Susan Heydt for THE Artist Agency


Daniel Craig asked where he should go as he looked out the window of the Hay Adams Hotel located right across from the White House. Having been in town for a press junket for a movie several years back, the following week he would be forever recognized as 007. Yet, at that moment the freedom to walk the mall was tempting him. He took the opportunity to take a break from the rigors of



-back interviews, Q and A’s and photo sessions with Nicole Kidman, who was much better known than he and in more demand from the media.

Fast forward to 2012’s Skyfall premiere. Now look who is in great demand and being heralded as one of the best Bonds. His hair is much shorter now but I imagine his kind ways haven’t changed. Craig’s actual persona matches the coolness and  calmness of his English spy character. He is worthy of all the attention and success.
Daniel Craig is a good guy to receive recognition as one of the best at playing James Bond.


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