Downton Abbey’s Merry Maid


Photo Washington Post/Makeup by Susan Heydt

What a delight to work with Joanne Froggatt, a merry maid indeed while she visited DC with some of the cast from Downton Abbey at the British Embassy.
Fans know her character as Anna Bates.

Joanne wore a gorgeous black lace dress with blush lining to the White House visit, which came after their dinner at the embassy. Forgot to ask who made the dress! Anyone recognize the designer? Please comment if you do.

For her makeup look, we chose a Smashbox black eye liner balanced with a natural glossy lip (actor’s own). Instead of foundation, we used light touches of MAC concealer and Mineralized powder to cover any imperfections. To accentuate the brows we filled in with DIOR brow pencil and MAC eyebrow powder. The eyeshadow was DIOR Incognito.

When I posted the photo to Facebook on Christmas Eve, some fans were worried how the cast of the popular series would make it back to London in time for a live Christmas Special. Luckily, Santa’s magical sleigh ride got them back. Really, no time machine was required because they left the weekend before Christmas.

* Season 3 Premiere: January 6, 2013 *

Anna Smith/Bates

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