Value Proposition for Makeup Artists

You don’t even realize the extent of her injuries, until you watch the video of her interview with ABC. What started as a praise for her makeup artist, who was able to give her eyebrows, eyelashes and to cover the damage inflicted by the flames has become deep respect for Storm.

Here is a pro sports anchor and producer (if you recall was one of the first to be allowed into a mens’ locker room for sports team interviews), who must rely on her knowledge and looks to broadcast. For her to be able to face the cameras, after being defaced by flames is incredibly commendable. Hats off to Hannah Storm for her message of hope and determination to share her horrible experience so that others can be spared from propane accidents. Kudos to her, also, for thanking her makeup artist. There is definitely a lot of satisfaction when you are able to reach a client in such a profound way. Personally, I know I’ve done a good job when my client gets out of their chair to give me a hug. A big smile let’s me know they like their makeup look.

Feeling good about my value proposition for my clients, here is a comment from a bridal client of Suze Makeup Studio:


“You made a huge difference in my life! Making me feel beautiful on my wedding day. A makeup artist’s job is so important for so many reasons. I will always recommend you. You are fab. ”
JL Baltimore, MD


~To read the Washington Post article, click on the link below.

~Does anyone know the name of Hannah Storm’s makeup artist, who helped her with the first appearance for the Rose Bowl Parade?


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