Elizabeth Olsen as Young Hillary Clinton?



Photo Matt McCain/ Makeup Susan Heydt

~Imagine a youthful Secretary of State in the early years of her husband’s campaigning in Arkansas.
~Remember how you look or looked in your prime.
~Picture a young Olsen, who was almost nominated for best actress this past year. (*hint*) She is sister of the twins everyone knows.

You guessed it correctly.

Elizabeth Olsen starring as Hillary Clinton for a movie that is merely being tossed around right now. Readers of the Reliable Source suggested to the Washington Post that Olsen not Scarlett Johansson play Clinton, who in my experience with Washington is the brightest of politcians.
Doing makeup for Secretary Clinton for the cover of Fortune Magazine and the official website during her Presidential run made me realize that she is intelligent, witty, friendly and commanding. She has a pretty face with colorful eyes.

Lizzie Olsen is an intellectual actress with depth and range. She definitely looks the part. The readers made a wonderful choice. Wish I had thought of her first.

Who do you think could pull off the dynamic Clinton? Looking forward to seeing who eventually gets selected.

To read the Washington Post article, clink on the link below.

Reliable Source


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