It Girl(s): Allison Williams

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When I arrived to help her with the finishing touches for her evening out, Allison  Williams kindly remarked to me,

“You are obviously the go-to person in DC!”

Thank you, Allison, for your kind words.  As we proceeded to get her ready for the Inaugural festivities,  I had my notes, captured in the top photo from her glam team (Julie and Benoit…Thank you both!) and she had done her research too. Plus, she’d already had her blow out and makeup done that morning, as you can see in the photo above from Katy Perry’s personal photos displayed in Vogue.

My only regret was not snapping a few photos of how gorgeous she looked as she was ready to head out.  Now I can’t find any photos of Allison Williams in her Carolina Herrera gown!

Anyone have a picture of Allison Williams in the deep blue strapless dress  (similar to the one pictured below) she wore on 1/21/13?


I told Allison that Carolina Herrera, my favorite designer to work for and model for, will most likely make her the new “It Girl” for her gowns. Move over Renee Zellweger, here comes Allison Williams on the red carpet.

Even if we don’t have a picture, there are
3 things you can take away about Allison Williams beyond the tabloid fodder, she is

1. smart, funny, kind and beautiful

2. the “It girl” right now

3. prepared to take on the future

My favorite product she’s using right now is a body lotion called Perfekt.  Her makeup artist, Julie Harris, recommended the bronzing mousse to warm her skin. Perekt glides on smoothly and evenly without smearing on your clothes. Just so you know, you do need to rinse it off your hands thoroughly after application.

You can find Perfekt at



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