Hilary Phelps: Sporting Denim and Great Ankles


Washingtonian shoot – Makeup by Susan Heydt for Smashbox Cosmetics http://www.washingtonian.com/packages/style/denim-the-perfect-fit/ Hilary Phelps, big sis of Michael, has a lifestyle blog, which covers 3 “F”s: food, fashion and fitness. http://www.hilaryphelps.com Recently, I worked with her for the second time on the jeans article for Washingtonian. Unfortunately, I missed her for a third time on a photoshoot with her mom and sister for a Heart Health awareness campaign when NY Fashion Week got the best of her. With her friendly and upbeat demeanor, she takes life in stride. When she is on set, it’s like having your best friend on the job. So, I am comfortable to posit the following question for women, that came to my mind because of Hilary’s commitment to fitness.


»»» Can great ankles be an important yet forgotten physical asset? See for yourself. I told Hilary she has great ankles from her attention to exercise through yoga, swimming, running and biking. Though she’s too young to worry, women rely on good ankles not becoming cankles. Check this Shape article on how to avoid the calf melding into the foot. http://m.shape.com/blogs/fit-list-jay-cardiello/cure-cankles



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