Skyfall: Bond vs. Bond




Working backwards, the photo above of Daniel Craig from the Invasion film was taken a week before it was announced that he would be the New James Bond. He asked where I recommended he should go during a break from his interviews. In DC, I said that a walk along the Mall was a must even if he didn’t have much time to visit some of the Smithsonian museums. Little did I know at the time that he would soon be so famous that a leisurely stroll in public would be the thing of the past for him.

The middle photo captures the behind the scenes of a photoshoot portraying a lookalike Bond for a recent client. I told the gentleman, who had never modeled prior to that point, not to be discouraged because he was taller and younger than Craig. He was a good sport even when the job required holding a never ending crunch for the reenactment of the famous Skyfall cover shot.


The top photo is clearly from Skyfall. You can almost make out the deep blue color of the tux by Tom Ford. Kinda makes you want to switch from black to blue doesn’t it?


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