Ellen Page Visits Georgetown


Organic cosmetics came the request for Oscar nominated star, Ellen Page (You may know her from Juno and Inception). Having enjoyed working with Diablo Cody, the Oscar winning screenwriter from Juno,  I was looking forward to meeting The East actress today in DC. Definately in touch with getting along in the world, Ellen was excited to share her newest movie despite wrapping on a film last night, flying to DC and getting little sleep as a result. When I found her to be pleasant and welcoming, my apprehension was relieved because the last time I was asked to do her makeup she didn’t want any. She laughed and reassured me that she didn’t have a publicist back then in 2008 for Juno.

Thankfully, Tori from The Stillpoint Spa answered my 911 call for organic makeup. We settled on Vaspour, RMS, and Julie Hewitt products. For skincare, I tried their brand new line called TOMA, which contains natural ingredients. I most liked the fact you can custom blend essential oils into the skincare line. The Geranium was as refreshing as the leaves from a fresh picked plant.

»»»For the trailer of The East movie go to:

»»»For the makeup and skincare try:


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