Get Gatsby


The Gatsby look is popular right now because modern women are exerting their independence through the glamorous Hollywood style. The seductive siren style appeals to a hedonistic set and the attention to detail is a nice contrast to not caring about style.

The Gatsby look works for both men and women because the vintage Jazz Age vibe brings back a contemporary feel that embellishes the individual. The on screen style feels distinctive as if creating a new version of appealing. In the movie, the 20’s look is updated by reducing some of the severe extremes like over plucked brows and through newer products, think modern day mascara, that weren’t available back then.

Here’s advice on how to pull off the Gatsby look without over doing it.

Far from a subtle look, the 20’s Great Gatsby youth seeking makeup marked a new independence for women.

Lips do, To create a bee stung pout avoiding corners of mouth using fingers to apply 2 points of cupid’s bow on top lip and 1 on bottom lip in deep red, rose or orange.

Eyes do, Try making eyes look deep set with a dark or bright blue, green, or turquoise powder in the crease and finish with black or brown liner.

Eyes don’t, The very thin plucked eyebrows arching downward is not recommended because eventually the brows may not grow back.

Cheeks do, Try using a stain or cream blush in rose or raspberry on the apples of the cheeks blending with powder. To this day, Wonder Woman swears by this technique.

Complexion do, Embrace a pale look with ivory powder to contrast with the bright lips and eyes and to make dermatologists proud.

For men, A clean shave and slicked back hair embraces a rich man’s attention to detail.


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