Bookclub Review: “You Knew Me When” by Emily Liebert

A feature film of your progression from awkward teenager to glamourous professional may be in the works.


Author, Emily Liebert, know for her New York Times best selling “Facebook Fairytales” brings you her first upmarket women’s novel “You Knew Me When”.

Our bookclub welcomed special surprise guest, Hilary Phelps, to discuss the story with Emily via Skype. We learned about the writing process and the endearing power of friendships through the Q & A session.


4 Moms and 2 Vegans:

Is was also a memorable day to learn about being a vegan. Hilary and Leah’s passion and effort raised our own awareness to the challenges of eating out or at events. In addition, we were inspired at the minimum to eat vegetarian for lunch or to go with Meatless Mondays.


For a delightful read or for the gift giving season, we recommend YNMW.


One thought on “Bookclub Review: “You Knew Me When” by Emily Liebert

  1. adorable! i was really surprised when you all had so many vegan treats! it was sooooo thoughtful and so delicious! i had such a wonderful time! (food was not the only reason 😉

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