Draft Biden?

Having done Joe Biden’s grooming for GQ with Brigitte Lacombe, I know firsthand that the Vice President of the United States is super friendly. For example, on my job with Biden, he encourages me to get on the phone and call my uncle when he finds out my uncle is his biggest fan.  I look at the Vice President’s handler like Are you sure? Should I start dialing?  He nods yes.

So here is this grand gesture, as Biden waits while I call my dad to ask him for a land line or cell phone number to my cousin because my uncle lives off the grid. I get a number. Voicemail picks up.  No one’s there!  Biden says to me, without hesitation,  “Leave me his address. I’ll thank him for his vote later.”

Here’s the link to the Washington Post article to read more about the campaign to draft Biden:



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