Women in Film

bigelow_edited-1Kathryn Bigelow Academy Award for Best DirectorGeenaDavis-33P2_edited-1Geena Davis Academy Award for Best Supporting Actressjolie press junket for salt  Angelina Jolie  Academy Award for Best Supporting Actresscody1Diablo Cody Academy Award for Best Screenwriterjuliette_binoche_headshot_2Juliette Binoche Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress

I feel fortunate to be working with some of the top women in Hollywood, like Katheryn Bigelow and Geena Davis. There’s much to learn from them. When I see that only 1 in 5 of the people working are women (which reflects the photography industry too),  I feel the need to get the message across that young women need to get involved. Let’s get women out there in front of audiences and working in media to promote the future of storytelling and entertainment to reflect a feminine side of world’s events and the human condition.

Go to See Jane to make a difference.

Here’s the link to her day in DC Evening with Geena Davis Hosted by MPAA

Check the following articles about women in the media.

Washington Post

Yahoo Beauty


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