Minimalist Makeup

Tips for minimalist makeup with natural looking skin:


1. Keep your younger look with skin saving SPF 20. Up close, Nicole Kidman’s a shining example why we should stay out of the sun.

2. Even out any pores or lines with a product like Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer.

3. If your hair is fair, use brownish black masacra on your lashes. Otherwise, black makes the whites of your eyes pop.

4. Bronzer, without iridescence, can be placed on the cheeks, forehead and chin.  Try mininal contouring on the nose, below the cheekbones and under your chin if needed with one of Becca’s products.

5. Apply foundation, like Armani’s Fluid Silk, to the t-zone area of the face. Think of an upside down triangle. Start at the chin move next to the nose and end at your forehead. Blend out to keep from getting a visible edge.

6. Halo effects give you a modern look. Use BeneFit’s Highlighter Watts Up just under the brows, down the middle of your nose and above the cheekbones.

For your wardrobe, take a peek at the minimalist looks from Yahoo.

Minimalist Dressing


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